This guide explains how to become involved in your children’s education and school, and how to help your children succeed academically.

The 94 page, 8.5 x 11 guidebook, includes

  • Calendar planner
  • Teacher and school assessment forms
  • Template emails for communicating with teachers and principals, advice from parents and educators
  • IEP Process
  • Weekly Grade Checkup
  • Know Your Rights laws
  • Graduation preparation planners
  • Scholarship tracker
  • Suggested books for children,
    teens, and parents
  • How to influence change in your children’s schools

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Sample Pages from Parent Guide

Helping Your Child Succeed

We’ve put together a guide with lots of helpful tips and worksheets to help you and your children succeed in school. The advice comes from parents, teachers, and members of the Black Parallel School Board, so you can be sure it’s reliable.

Rate Your Child's School

We at the Black Parallel School Board strongly encourage parents to visit their child’s school and classroom regularly. This is a great way to assess the academic and cultural environment of the school. We also highly recommend getting to know the teachers and staff and letting them know of any concerns you may have.

College and Scholarship Trackers

Preparing your teen children for college can be intimidating.
Our guide offers a variety of helpful worksheets, such as:
– Checking graduation requirements
– A graduation to-do list
– College application and scholarship trackers
– Saving goals worksheet.

The Black Parallel School Board (BPSB) is a community organization developed to work parallel to the Sacramento City Unified District Board of Education. Its major responsibility is to support the educational growth and achievement of Black students.

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