First Day of School March

Studies show that children, across all socioeconomic levels, are more academically successful when they are supported by committed fathers or father figures in their life.

The Million Fathers March (MFM) is a call for fathers and father figures, including grandfathers, mentors, community leaders, and men’s groups and organizations to participate in a back-to-school campaign to support the academic success and life goals of the children and  mentees throughout the school year and beyond.

We invite you to take your children or mentees to the first day of school, and follow the Million Fathers March Pledges throughout the year and the life of your children’s school experience.

We encourage you to participate in school related activities, engage with your children’s teachers, and get involved in a community group or organization that is advocating for the academic success of children in your community.





Join the Community Campaign

Join our MFM mailing list to get more updates about this year’s campaign. We will be sharing important online resources to help fathers like yourself provide support for your children or mentees.


Hosted by Black Parallel School Board and United and Guided, Inc.

For over eight years now, Black Parallel School Board (BPSB) has hosted the Million Fathers March in conjunction with the Black Star Project.

BPSB maintains the tradition of the MFM campaign by inviting fathers and father figures to commit and pledge full support of their children and mentees as they return to school. We invite you to help build  community of support by becoming actively involved in your children’s or mentee’s education.

United And Guided was formed in 2017, when a group of parents and youth advocates decided that they wanted to cultivate positive social change for Black and Brown families in Sacramento.  Several of our members are caring parents who have experienced trauma, violence, drug addiction, poverty, and/or incarceration in their younger years.

How Participate the MFM Campaign 

Visit the BPSB Facebook Event page and follow the the hashtag #MFM2022 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

On the events page, post an image of you and your children or mentees in the learning environment you have set up for them.

Post one of several pledges on your social media channels to encourage other fathers and figures to participate the MFM campaign.

Set Up a Learning Environment

Help your children set up a workspace where they can get focused school activities throughout the day. Try to make the worksapce distraction from as possible. And reward them for maintaining and keeping that workspace ready for each day of school. 

Update School Contact Information

Be sure to that your school and district have all the contact information they need for you and your children. SCUSD is emailing information every week to prepare for their distance learning program. 

Access the Campus Portal

Be sure to you sign up for the SCUSD Capuse Portal so that you can get access information about the academic progress of your children. 

Help Your Children Set Academic Goals

Help your children set academic goals for the year, and constantly remind them of the  importantance of those goals in and beyond  their time in school. Teach them strategies for how you achieved goals in your own life. 

Use Technology

Help your children use technology (computers, smart phones, Alexa, Google Home, etc.) to set up reminders for online classes, assignments, and activities. 

Million Father March Education Pledges

I will help...

I promise to...

I will teach...

I will review...

I will...

I will make...

I will help...

I will attend...

I will help...

The Black Parallel School Board (BPSB) is a community organization developed to work parallel to the Sacramento City Unified District Board of Education. Its major responsibility is to support the educational growth and achievement of Black students.

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