Black Parallel School Board Response to the West Campus incident in the Sacramento City Unified School District


The Black Parallel School Board finds the recent racial incidents at West Campus troubling.  Especially after racial incidents at McClatchy, West Campus, Kit Carson, and Roxanne Wolfe’s Facebook Post.  We must be truthful here though, relative to how schools operate, my administrative experience tells me there were many more incidents that occurred since 2017, but they just did not go as viral or public as the aforementioned.  Racism and resultant use of the “N” word toward a Black administrator can never be tolerated on a high school campus.  The Trump presidency has given rise to overt racism that we have not seen in several years.  At some point one might imagine that SAC City might create relevant programs or activities to begin addressing the escalating racial divide perpetuated by right wing extremist and their white children.

But first, let’s talk about exclusive programs like West Campus and McClatchy and middle and elementary school feeders.  By the very nature of exclusivity, the programs create privilege for all students who participate in them

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The Black Parallel School Board (BPSB) is a community organization developed to work parallel to the Sacramento City Unified District Board of Education. Its major responsibility is to support the educational growth and achievement of Black students.

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