Million Father March


  • Start : 2020/08/30
  • End : 2020/08/30

Men Taking Children to School

on Their First day of school


The Black Parallel School Board and the Black Star Project is encouraging fathers, stepfathers, foster fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, godfathers, cousins, babies’ daddies and other significant male caregivers to take their children to school on the first day.  When men are involved in the educational lives of their children, children perform better in school.


Employers are asked to allow fathers and other male caregivers to take off from work for two to thr ee hours (preferably with pay) to accompany their children to school on this first fall day to help get the school year started right. Fathers and other men should be welcomed guests at their children’s school.  Some schools will have information, activities and refreshments.  Men across America who support the Million Father March should arrive at school with their children 15 to 30 minutes before the starting bell. Fathers and other men should only go into schools if invited in by school staff. Otherwise, men should leave after their children enter the school


For more information contact the Black Parallel School Board at (916) 484-3729 or the Black Star Project at




The Black Parallel School Board (BPSB) is a community organization developed to work parallel to the Sacramento City Unified District Board of Education. Its major responsibility is to support the educational growth and achievement of Black students.

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