The BPSB has been a hard-working group from its outset and the following are 2022 accomplishments.

Student Support and Assistance

  • The Black Parallel School Board awarded five $1,000 scholarships (annual awards) to local high school and returning students.
  • Assembled a new group of students to replace outgoing members of the Zero Tolerance Youth Committee.


Parent Outreach

  • The BPSB develops a quarterly newsletter to keep the community apprised of its activities and programs.
  • The BPSB maintains its organizational website with weekly updates as a convenience to the constituent's informational and messaging systems.
  • BPSB parent organizers participated in interviews with local radio stations and Hechinger Report.
  • BPSB conducted bi-weekly parent organizing meetings that consisted of training, community outreach, information dissemination, etc.
  • BPSB and in partnership with Collective for Liberatory Lawyering. hosted a Know Your Rights Special Education listening and information session.


Parent Support and Advocacy

  • Participated in school site council meetings and IEP meetings at various schools to support the parents of children attending the school.
  • Hosted the Black Parent Involvement Day in February 2022. A total of 119 parents participated in workshops on the day of classroom observation.
  • Hosted a Million Father March in partnership with United and Guided, and Roberts Family Development Center. Over 500 flyers were sent out, and 100 parents participated.
  • Hosted an IEP Clinic for parents to meet with an attorney to inquire about legal concerns related to the special education needs of their scholars.
  • Participated in a press conference at Kit Carson K-8 and West Campus High School on the racist incidents on campus.
  • Parent Organizers provided support and assistance to parents with children at Martin Luther King K-8, John Still K-8, and Rosa Parks K-8 experiencing an array of concerns and issues.
  • BPSB attended five (5) behavior hearings regarding students with severe discipline issues on school campuses. The meetings involved school principals, school staff, and parents and were designed to review student discipline issues and make new recommendations to return students to school, seek another school placement or expel the student from the school district.


Parent Training

  • BPSB hosted regional meetings with Merced BPSB, Natomas, Contra Costa, Riverside, California City, and Hanford members. BPSB conducted training on Implicit Bias, Critical Race Theory, and reactionary attacks on education.
  • BPSB hosted a parent outreach session on 500 years of struggle for education in the Central Valley.
  • Published the Parent and Student Guide for Academic Success. BPSB distributed (10) ten copies to all 70 schools in the Sacramento City Unified School District. Also, BPSB conducted a training seminar on the guidebook.
  • Conducted a Classroom Observation training series. The series included the use of Synchronous Distance Learning systems to communicate with parents, other CBO, and school district officials regarding discipline and the impact of distance learning on students of color during COVID-19.
  • Attended Parent Advocate for Student Success meetings and hosted parent training on the History of Education and how to participate successfully on a School Site Council.


Community Coalition Building

  • Provided leadership to the Community Priority Coalition that reviews and make recommendations (Alternative Budget) to the district’s Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) efforts and other school issues
  • .BPSB LCAP recommendation included additional instructional aids, expanded support services, and English learner support.
  • Provided technical support to participants from the San Juan Unified School District
  • Provided leadership to the Restorative Practice Collaboratives' efforts to assist the school district in developing discipline systems without disproportionate outcomes.
  • The District school safety officer hosted several meetings using BPSB recommendations in the new district plan that was approved by the Board
  • BPSB participated in the Central Valley Movement Building Education Justice Community Check-in regarding School Push-Out.
  • BPSB participated in the Dignity in School Campaign Week of Action, and the DSC CA Parent Organizing series.


School District Participation

  • BPSB members participated in District’s African American Advisory Committee and District’s LCAP Parent Advisory Committee
  • Monitored and promoted restorative justice programs in the district.
  • Provided bi-weekly Equity Support to Burbank’s leadership team as part of their 10-year plan.


BPSB Committee Work

  • Hosted monthly Black Parallel School Board community meetings.
  • BPSB conducts a monthly review of its operations and training to improve performance and assistance to parents.
  • The BPSB and the Sacramento City Unified School District have been in the lawsuit settlement process which includes working with experts for the past year. The experts have conducted research and are in the process of preparing a report for the parties.

Other Work

  • In partnership with the Stonewall Foundation of Greater Sacramento and the Black Parallel School Board scheduled, designed, and facilitated a series of listening sessions to gain knowledge and understanding related to Black Sacramento students who identify as LGTBQ.
  • Maintained a continuously updated calendar and website for member information.
  • BPSB members assisted in the transition of the Central Valley Movement Building's five-year plan and field organizers' training.
  • BPSB supported the development Dignity in School Campaign, California, and Fixed School Discipline Policy Coalition.

The Black Parallel School Board (BPSB) is a community organization developed to work parallel to the Sacramento City Unified District Board of Education. Its major responsibility is to support the educational growth and achievement of Black students.

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