The BPSB has been a hard-working group from its outset and the following are 2020 accomplishments.

Student Support and Assistance

  • The Black Parallel School Board annually awards five $500 scholarships to local high school students;

Parent Outreach

  • The BPSB’s Outreach Team participated in the MLK Diversity events to move its message throughout the community;
  • The BPSB develops a quarterly newsletter to keep the community apprised of its activities and programs;
  • The BPSB maintains its own organizational website with weekly updates as a convenience to constituents;
  • BPSB parent organizers have participated in interviews with Huffington Post, EdSource, News and Review, Sacramento Bee local radio stations.
  • BPSB conducted bi-weekly parent organizing meeting which consist of training, outreach, etc.

Parent Support and advocacy

  • Participated in school site council meetings and IEP meetings at various schools to support the parents of children attending the school;
  • Hosted the Black Parent Involvement Day in February;
  • Hosted a Million Father March on the first day of school for the last 7 years;
  • Outreach staff participates in school PBIS Meetings;
  • Outreach team provided support and assistance to parents with children in MLK K-8, John Still K-8, Rosa Parks K-8 experiencing an array of concerns and issues;
  • Outreach team conducted classroom observation at Matsuyama, MLK middle school, and Parkway Elementary Schools;
  • BPSB attended five (5) behavior hearings regarding students with severe discipline issues on school campuses. The meetings involved school principals, school staff, and parents and were designed to review previous student discipline issues and make new recommendations to return the student to school, seek another school placement or expel the student from the school district.
  • BPSB monitor Tier 1 and 2 Multi-Tiered Systems of Support/Behavior Intervention Support meetings (services for students in lieu of suspensions) at various school sites – Parkway, Leataata Floyd, Rosa Parks, etc.

Parent Training

  •  Conducted a parent BPSB development and organizing video training for Merced parents developing their own Black Parallel School Board;
  • BPSB developed video series on “Parent Support for Remote Learning”
  • BPSB virtually conducted a workshop entitled the “School Budgets are Moral Documents” at one of its COVID-19 Virtual Town Hall series;
  • Hosted BPSB regional meetings with Merced BPSB, Turlock, California City and Hanford members.
  • Conducted Classroom Observation training series. One of the series on the use of Synchronous Distance Learning systems to communicate with parents, other CBO’s and school district officials regarding discipline and the impact of distance learning on students of color during COVID-19.

Community Coalition Building

  • Participated in the District’s African American Task Force and Transition Team;
  • Provided leadership to the Community Priority Coalition (LCAP) and Restorative Practice Collaboratives;
  • Members participated on the District’s LCAP Parent Advisory Committee
  • Participated in school Coffee Chats to further the BPSB sphere of influence;
  • Attended the 2020 Alliance for Boys and Men of Color Conference;
  • BPSB participated in the Central Valley Movement Building Education Justice Community Check-in regarding School Push-Out.
  • BPSB attended and presented at the African American Regional Educational Alliance Professional Development Summit.
  • Attended and presented at the SCTA (teachers union) Community Forum – The Future of SCUSD.
  • BPSB participated in the Dignity in School Campaign regarding the Power Analysis series.
  • Attended new meetings that featured a possible new community partner entitled Parents United to Restore Our Schools Meetings.

District Participation

  • Participated in developing the SCUSD Reimagining School Safety Plan;
  • Participated in District’s African American Task Force and the development of the District’s African American Advisory Committee;
  • Attended and regularly made public comment at SCUSD Board Meetings;
  • Monitored and promoted restorative justice programs in the district; 
  • BPSB and other community persons and organizations are now serving on the District’s School Safety Task Force to reimagine school safety without school resource officers. The group is tasked with developing a set of recommendations to promote school safety without resource officers and to develop the necessary policy change;
  • Two BPSB parents on the School Safety Plan and Parent Advisory Council;
  • Through continued advocacy the BPSB along with HIP, Brown Issues, SacACT Village Advocates and other CBP’s advocated were successful in ending a decade long School Resource Officers contract with the Sacramento City Police Department.

BPSB Committee Work

  • Hosted monthly Black Parallel School Board community meetings;
  • Our Restorative Practice Collaborative held monthly discussions about restorative justice in Sacramento City Unified;
  • The BPSB’s Restorative Practice Coalition (RPC) worked with Tia Martinez, Forward Change, and the Central Valley Movement Building in collecting appropriate data used to evaluate the disproportionality of school push-out;
  • BPSB’s RPC presented its findings on disproportionality in suspensions and expulsions at several community events and during its regularly scheduled meetings;
  • Northern California for Legal Services and BPSB’s Restorative Practice Coalition presented its data on suspensions and police arrest/referral to its partner CBO’s and school district officials.
  • Community Priority Coalition held monthly meetings with its partners to discuss the District’s LCA Plan.
  • Community Priority Coalition submitted letters to the Sacramento County Office of Education and Sacramento City Unified School District regarding the District’s draft LCA Plan.
  • BPSB has a parent representative on the Districts Parent Advisory for LCAP;
  • BPSB filed a lawsuit against the Sacramento City Unified School District regarding resource and support services discrimination and the disproportionate suspension of Black students with disabilities. The BPSB and the school district have been in settlement talks for the past year.  The BPSB advocated for a group of experts to come in to the district and research the issues and make recommendations to the school district board.
  • Held two community meetings with Disability Rights California on the lawsuit and suspension of Black students with disabilities. One was an in-person meeting and the other was synchronous through Zoom.
  • Participated in DSC Parent Organizer Conference Calls which developed DSC Parent Emergency Learning Demands and Power Analysis series.
  • Other Work
  •  Supported and assisted the development of the Merced Black Parallel School Board;
  • Supported Black Organizing Project campaign to remove the Oakland Unified School District police out of OUSD;
  • Maintained a continuously updated calendar and web site for member information;
  • Worked in partnership with the offices of Assembly Members Dr. Shirley Weber and Kevin McCarty around issues related to Black Minds Matter, Ethnic Studies, Willful Defiance suspension related change legislation, and LCFF Funding;
  • Developed an organizational video that explains what the Black Parallel School Board does to support and assist parents in the education of their children.
  • BPSB participated in the Dr. Luke Wood “Capitol Suspension Report II” panel.


The Black Parallel School Board (BPSB) is a community organization developed to work parallel to the Sacramento City Unified District Board of Education. Its major responsibility is to support the educational growth and achievement of Black students.

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