The Black Parallel School Board (BPSB) is a community organization developed to work parallel to the Sacramento City Unified District Board of Education. Its major responsibility is to support the educational growth and achievement of Black students. In order to do that we will monitor all educational activities and programs of the school district to ensure that they are compatible with the needs of African American students of the district. Additionally, the BPSB provides support services to parents regarding the education of their children. BPSB members will attend school meetings with parents to advocate for their children; BPSB members will also provide workshops for parents interested in learning techniques to make learning more successful. 


2013-14 BPSB Accomplishments

The BPSB has been a hard-working group from its outset and 2013-14 accomplishments are measurable. Please press download to obtain a copy of BPSB accomplishments.


 Black Parallel School Board

Goals and Objectives

The Sacramento Black Parallel School Board will use every means at its disposal to see to it that:

The Sacramento City Unified School District will consistently address by specific identifiable and measurable practices the racial opportunity gap associated with differences in G.P.A., state test scores, graduation and retention rates, disciplinary actions, expulsions and inequality in educational services between African Descended students and other population groups throughout the coming academic year.

1.      An increase in CAASSP scores for African Descended students in the District by 50%.

2.      A realistic effort to achieve 21% African Descended teachers in the District.

3.      A realistic effort to achieve an equitable increase in African Descended Administration staff in the District.

4.      A realistic effort to achieve 75% of African Descended staff retention rate in the District.

5.      A realistic effort to achieve a 10% participation rate of African Descended Students in the District’s GATE program.

6.     A realistic effort to achieve less than 1 percent suspension rate of African Descended Students in the District