Annual Fundraiser Campaign Pledge Form 

The Black Parallel School Board (BPSB) was established in 2008 to work parallel with the Sacramento City Unified School District (SCUSD) to assist African descended students in their efforts to be successful in school. In addition the BPSB engages parents and the SCUSD to facilitate closing of the Achievement Gap for African descended students. We know we are not alone in this work. To that extent, we applaud your advocacy for the BPSB in general and African descended students in particular. As we continue forward in our journey we look forward to your support. 

The BPSB needs your support for the first annual Fundraiser Campaign to maintain our objective and efforts to educate, train and provide resources for our youth and families. 

In consideration of the gifts of others, I/we pledge a gift to the Black Parallel School Board Fundraiser Campaign in the amount of _________________. 
It is my/our intent to pay this pledge over ________ years’ time in payments as follows: 

Date _________________________ Payment Amount_____________ 
Date _________________________ Payment Amount_____________ 
Date _________________________ Payment Amount______________
Date _________________________ Payment Amount______________
Date _________________________ Payment Amount______________

I/We would like our name(s) to be listed as: _____________________OR 

I/We would like to make this gift in honor of:_______________________ OR 

We would like our gift to remain anonymous. 

Signature _________________________________

Date ______________________ 

Please complete the following for our records: 
Name: ___________________________________________________


Telephone: _______________________________

Email: _______________________ 

Please mail your pledge form to: P.O. Box 245191, Sacramento, CA 95824

Fundraiser Campaign Volunteer Donna Lynem, Treasurer