Policing America’s Schools: 

An Education Week Analysis

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New SCUSD School Discipline Policy 

For over four years, the Black Parallel School Board (BPSB) has been involved in developing a a new Sacramento City Unified School District (SCUSD) school discipline policy and the founding of the Restorative Justice Collaborative. The Restorative Justice Collaborative comprise of District's staff, District's Board member, students, Presiding judge of Sacramento Superior Court (Foster Care), Administrative Officer of the Court and BPSB. The Collaborative have engaged students, principals, teachers, and community in developing a new school discipline policy. In June 2014, the SCUSD Board adopted the new school discipline and school climate policies.
On May 31 2016, SCUSD approved a revised administrative regulation on school discipline based on the new board policies. 


New School Discipline Laws

California suspended over 700,000 students last year and 750,000 the year before;

California suspends more students per year than graduate from high school.

Students told State Legislators that school discipline in their schools did not work;

Students asked State Legislators to introduce new bills regarding suspension and expulsion and send them to the governor

Governor Brown signed new bills regarding school discipline into law;

SB 1088 Stops schools from denying readmission to schools

AB 2537 Allow schools to decide student violations

AB 1729 Schools to use alternative disciplines

AB 1909 Report suspension for foster youth

AB 2616 Revise penalties for truancy notices

AB 420 Eliminates K-3 suspensions and all expulsions for K-12 students for ‘disruption’ and ‘willful defiance

Download BPSB brochure on Zero Tolerance