Beginning the School Year of 2014-15 your child will receive a new form of education. They are as follows:

  1. The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) which provides a practical way to prepare children for the challenges of a constantly changing world – by learning step-by-step the real-world skills they need for career and college. Please press Common Core Explained to help you understand the new standards.

  2. New computer-based test – called Measurement of Academic Performance and Progress (MAPP). The MAPP test is dynamically adapts to a student’s responses – as they take the test. Smarter Balanced assessments will go beyond multiple-choice questions to include extended response and technology enhanced items, as well as performance tasks that allow students to demonstrate critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

  3. As a condition of Districts receiving State funds, each District’s must develop and adopt an expenditure plan detailing how the funds will be spent. The plan must have parent’s participation and a public hearing must be held on the plan.

Vision 2000

Education Foundation

Telephone:(916) 691-9180

Contact Person:  Dr. Hazel W. Mahone


Qualifications of Staff

All teachers are credentialedand qualified;

Assistants are mathmajors;All staff are cleared to work withchildren.


Highquality teachers experienced in working with diverse,bilingual and special populations.Nine year positive track record & high expectations.


Saturday classes at CSUSusing Prentice-Hall,Saxon

& AcceleratedMath to master CA.StateStandards.

Demonstrated Effectiveness

Pre& Posttests areoverwhelmingly positive;

Studentworkis sharedwith parents. Parentswill receive training to help them help their children.


CSUS Campus & Selected Sites

Grade levels:1-8

Hours Per Day:  1-3hours Approx. Service Hours: 25 hours Subjects:  LanguageArtsand Math

Student to Tutor Ratio: 6:1; 10:1



College Prep Math & Reading Academy

2015 Graduation